Make-Up and Make-Overs


Recommended for:

  • Aspiring Make-Up Artists
  • Modeling Professionals
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Image Consultants
  • Fashion Retailers
  • Any Lady

We all want to look good.  It’s not just about a pretty face, but for others to notice our interesting persona, professionally and socially.

Make-up and right hair style enhances our features, completes our grooming.

In MAKE-UP AND MAKE-OVERS, you’ll learn:

  • Make-up applicators
  • Selecting the right make-up colors for your skin
  • Skin Color and Hair Color
  • Make-Up Techniques
  • Hair accessories
  • Hair care and maintenance
  • Make up techniques
  • Hair-do for professional ladies
  • Tudung styling for professional ladies
  • Make-over styling techniques for hair, make-up and dressing


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