Business Etiquette and Protocol


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In today’s fast-paced globalized market, businesspeople are constantly looking for business partners, colleagues, and staff who are trustworthy, honest, and smart.

Amidst the clutter of choices that surround them, people make quiet assessments of others, consciously or subconsciously, based on others’ practice of the right business protocol and good business etiquette.  A simple and unassuming gesture such as a handshake, greeting, or posture, can tell stories about a person’s true personality, background, and intentions.

All these practices can make or break a person’s business connection or even his/her career climb to the top.  With businesses going global, it’s imperative to learn about international protocol as well as our own Malaysian protocol.


  • Ethics vs. Etiquette
  • Office Etiquette and Professional Conduct
  • Meeting Etiquette and Protocol
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Greetings and Introductions
  • Handshakes and Business Cards
  • Malaysian and International Protocol
  • Winning Ways with Words
  • Body Language and Cultural Differences


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