Power Up Your Image Brand


You are a unique individual and your own brand.  SWET’s Power Up Your Image Brand (PYB), an evolution of Personal Branding Series (PBS), is a special three months’ coaching program where you are given personal attention and our image coaching are tailored specifically to your own needs.

To ensure the success of a 180 degree transformation, all PYB graduates have attended Up Your IQ (Level 1), followed by INTERimage (Level 2). PYB is the third level of SWET’s image program, and is usually run twice a year. Each group size is kept to its minimum to ensure effectiveness of the coaching. The positive growth of the individual coachee is accelerated with the synergy of this personal group coaching.  Since introducing this premium program in 2009, we have had countless success stories from our PYB graduates who experienced the quantum leap in their business or career.

PYB is about making your brand image a reality!

  • Create your own Brand with powerful Branding Statements;
  • Build a confident image congruent with your Branding Statement;
  • Learn the tricks to getting maximum mileage out of your wardrobe;
  • Use your winning colors to create a “Wow!” factor to attract positive possibilities
  • Learn to read body language that can help in your business advancement
  • Leave a lasting impression of savvy and professionalism!

Your image is your branding. Your branding is our commitment.
Is your brand important to you?  Find out about SWET’s Power Up Your Image Brand now!

“Change can not be completed overnight. But these 3 months complete changed me.
And I never want to go back to my old self again.”


Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Power Up Your Image Brand now!




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