A person is 1% Persona (how you look, how you carry yourself) and 99% Substance (what you know, who you are), but 99% of first impressions are made on your 1% Persona, before you have an opportunity to exhibit your 99% Substance.

Image Consulting is about empowering that 1% Persona so you have a chance to bring out the best of your 99% Substance.  However, your 99% Substance is reflected on your 1% Persona as well, and your 99% Substance is the force that reinforces others’ perception of you.  Behavioral Change is about developing your 99% Substance to enhance the 1% Persona and enrich your Life.

This is SWET, comprising Image Professionals who work from the inside-out (Visual Impact with Substance), enhancing your 1% Visual Impact and developing your 99% Persona.

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