“Transform the way you see the world, Transform the way the world sees you.”

With over 16 years of experience in Inner Image and Outer Image respectively, the Master of Inner Image, Enrique Tsou, and the Master of Outer Image, Sheila Wong, brings to you an extraordinary and powerful program – INTERimage – the second level of SWET’s image programs. It is the only program that synchronises your Outer Image with your Inner Image.


SWET, the Masters of INTERimage, specialises in harnessing your substances and refining your persona. Together, SWET takes you on a journey to discover and show the best of yourself, by coaching you on training your mind to identify opportunities, and create an image that attracts those opportunities to you.

In INTERimage, you will learn:


  • Dress For Impact:
    Harmonise your colours in line with your personality /
    Creating magic with capsule clothing
  • Communicate to Connect:
    Project confidence with your verbals /
    Build right connections with your verbals
  • Non-Verbal Power:
    Project poise and confidence with deportment /
    Learn to read attitude and personalities with body language
  • Personality Profiling:
    Identify and deal with different personalities more effectively through
    Psychology of Colours

Don’t watch another opportunity pass you by. Join us for INTERimage now!



Upcoming Trainings

INTERimage 19 (Eng) : 04-06 September, 2020 @ SWET Centre

INTERimage 20 (Eng) : 30 October – 01 November , 2020 @ SWET Centre


Limited seats available for each session.
Get in touch with us to find out more!

“I always thought I knew myself. But in actual fact, the public perceives me differently.

INTERimage has helped me rediscover things about myself.”


Your life will not get better by chance. It gets better by CHANGE.


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