Corporate Programs

With 20 years of experience, SWET takes pride in training all tiers of the corporate ladder, from the executives to the C-suites.

We believe that a good first impression opens doors of opportunities. Hence, SWET offers the essential programs that one would need to soar in the corporate landscape:



  • Corporate and Personal Grooming

Understanding dress codes, clothing language, style and colours.


  • Business Etiquette & Protocol

Work place body language and behaviours of differing cultures.


  • Business Communications

Communications etiquette, psychology of language and handling criticism.


  • Art of Fine Dining

Business and social dining etiquette.



  • Goal Achieving

Map out Result-Oriented Goals, while staying focused to achieve them.


  • Direction Alignment

Create self-motivated work environments by merging goals and realigning directions towards company’s goals.


  • Leadership & Teamwork

Understand personality differences and strengthen relationships in the workplace.



All trainings can be tailored to suit the needs of C-Suite positions accordingly. SWET ensures that all information of clients are kept confidential.


The pride of a masterpiece lies in the tiniest details. SWET is the corporate market’s expert in fine tuning first impression details, providing clients with the ability to attract bigger and better opportunities for themselves in business.


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