The name SWET resonates with training distinction, through the many quality training programs it has offered to corporations and the public over the years. Founded in 1999, The SWET Image International (formerly known as SWET Advancement Centre) has been pioneering and furthering image programs internationally, having trained over 180 corporations and touched over 70000 lives through its specialized trainings in the areas of Outer Image, which revolves around Grooming and Etiquette, and Inner Image, which focuses on Behavioral Change.

Iconic trainers with the strong belief that “Our Persona is but a reflection of our Substance, yet it is our Persona that determines if our Substance will have a chance to be judged”, SWET founders Sheila Wong and Enrique Tsou believe in transforming lives, by helping people achieve change not only on a cosmetic level, but to truly manifest their beauty from within.

Through the years, The SWET Group has trained and assembled a team of professionals with diverse corporate backgrounds. We equip our SWET Image Professionals (SWETies) with the essential tools, knowledge, and training skills to deliver results – all achieved through our SWET Image System (SIS) that ensures participants are trained in an engaging learning environment that delivers consistent results. Our SWETies add a touch of personalized flavor to the trainings, drawing from their experiences in different industries, namely banking, insurance, investments, beauty, engineering, pharmaceuticals, logistics, retail, gaming, property, hospitality, and modelling among many others.

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