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Many men and women are ruled by the misperception that “looking good” is a privilege that those who have the “perfect body” own.

Even more fall into the trap of following trends, dressing as others would just because it looked good on others, without a clue if the cut and style of a particular fashion actually enhances or humbles them.

But “Looking Good” is not about the “perfect body” or fashion trends.

It’s about the different Body Shapes and their distinct qualities – Does this person have a broader shoulder or wider hip?  A straight or curvy body?

It’s about using the right Cuts and Styles to complement that Body Shape and proportion – How to create the illusion of a more defined waist, a longer body, a broader shoulder, or a smaller hip?

 In CUT & STYLE, you’ll learn:

  • Body Types
  • Women’s Body Shapes
  • Men’s Body Shapes
  • Body Proportions – Vertical and Horizontal
  • Face Shapes
  • Balance Points
  • Necklines, Hem and Sleeve Lengths
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Bodyline and Silhouettes
  • Fabrics and Patterns
  • Cuts, Styles, Fabrics, and Patterns that complement each Body Shape


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