Seet Huay Ping – EEC16/ACIC2



Huay Ping’s mission in life is to inspire and uplift others. She is a passionate, dynamic and engaging educator and always believe in life-long learning.
Huay Ping has more than a decade of vast working experience in the corporate of different industries with her qualification as a Certified Practicing Accountant. She ended her 4-year audit career in KPMG Singapore and ventured into the commercial industry in 2007. She served as a logistic finance analyst for the whole of Asia Pacific region in Dell Malaysia. Her last corporate experience is with Allianz Insurance where she served as a group accountant.

Never under estimate the value of looking great. She came to realized that one stands a comparative advantage when the image is congruent with the technical know-how after spending more than a decade in corporate. This awareness has inspired Huay Ping to pursue a professional image certification and diplomat course with SWET.  Since then, she has assisted SWET in their image coaching programs and corporate trainings to companies like Alliance Bank, McDonalds, Ireka and Signature Home Realty.