Yvonne & Evelyn’s Career Breakthrough

PBSPersonal BrandingVideo 26.09.2013

Yvonne Choo and Evelyne Nabila Yeo, both at managerial level, realized the importance of image grooming.  Upon graduating from the 6-day Personalized Branding Series (PBS), both enjoyed tremendous career advancement.  They regard the personal branding statement as the catalyst to finding their true self.  With this, they present grooming and looking gorgeous as their daily gifts to the world.

Cherrise Tan, SWET Image Professional, writes about her interview experience with Yvonne and Evelyn:

“For most people, Sunday is always a day to spend with family.  This Sunday, however, I was honored to catch up with two busy ladies, stealing two hours of their family time for this engaging video interview.  Thank you very much to Evelyn Nabila for making an effort to come all the way from Johor.  Also to Yvonne Choo who took time off from her weekends.  I had a very enlightening time listening to their journey and transformation after Personalized Branding Series (PBS).
It was at UP YOUR IQ™ when I met Evelyn and Yvonne for the first time.  I will always remember how they looked then.  Evelyn’s friendliness and smile are always so engaging.  She was in her blue green traditional wear looking very proper and graceful.  As for Yvonne, she was in her company’s uniform, looking masculine.
In PBS, Evelyn and Yvonne were coached by my colleague, Jacqueline Ng, at different PBS sessions.  Yvonne graduated one session earlier than Evelyn.  Since then, Yvonne has never stopped enhancing herself.  She continued upgrading herself by attending PBS Alumni, which happens quarterly.  It was during the alumni that Evelyn and Yvonne became friends and got to know each other more.
During our interview at Empire Hotel Subang, the first question I asked: “Will you go back to your ‘Old’ self?”
“Over my dead body,” both laughed and replied.  And then, they added, “Now I shop more but I spend less”.
Yvonne holds a high position in her company but she didn’t know how to dress to bring up her value.  She didn’t have the confidence to dress up because she felt that nothing fit her.  I am glad that Yvonne finally discovers her style after PBS and manages to understand her body-shape and colors that bring out the best in her.  I realize that a lot of people don’t dress up because they are not educated about Image. It is important to know what to wear and where to get the right fit.  Yvonne knows her style now and she knows where to get outfits that fit her well.  “I will never leave my house without my make up and I must make sure I dress right.  I would rather be late than looking wrong,” Yvonne said affirmatively.  She will not give herself any excuses to dress shabbily anymore.
A lot of people think that Image is about dressing well and looking good only.  When I first saw Evelyn, she dressed well already.  But she didn’t explore her ‘true’ self.  During PBS, she understood herself better and found her style that matched her personal branding.  Evelyn shared with us that Image is not just about outlook; it’s the whole package of inner strength and outer beauty.  By embracing her personal branding statement, she is now in sync with her own inner and outer image.  When she is in a dilemma, she always uses her personal branding statement to stay connected with her core values.  She smiled and told us that now she has a clearer direction and focus in her career and life.
I am happy to see their transformation, and finding their ‘True’ self with their ‘Brand’. It was so fortunate to interview Yvonne and Evelyn with my colleagues, Enrique and Chee Wah.  As always, witnessing their change, I am so charged up and energized to want to continue my journey as an Image Consultant with the hope to inspire and transform more people who will also inspire change.  Thank you very much Evelyn and Yvonne for giving us the opportunities to share, inspire and transform you.”

From left: Cherrise, Evelyn, Yvonne and Enrique

(Interview recorded at Empire Subang Hotel)