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“What do you want to ‘sell’?  Your face or your brain?”  Sheila ruffled the crown of hair of a gentleman while she posed the questions to the audience for their opinion, more particularly towards the men.

It was hilarious when a group of young and up-coming successful men volunteered on stage to have a mini makeover by Sheila.  Most of the young men had their hair down, covering their forehead, resembling those hairstyle of some Korean pop artistes.  The men either do not know what they want in their professional career, or they were just merely following the pop culture.  Sheila turned to the gentleman who was in his late 20s starting out as an MLM-er, and asked him: “Are you in business, trying to recruit more business people or do you want to recruit entertainer?”

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Sheepishly, he said he looked forward to recruiting more business-minded people into his business.  Sheila responsively asked for some hair gel, applied it onto his hair, and pushed them up neatly to the side, then spiked them up a little to the center.  Just a little change, the result was awesome.  He immediately looked fresh, energetic and professional.  The audience roared with approval.

We could see from the screen that, maybe for the very first time, the young man held his head high for all to see.

Why hide under all those hair?  Is that the image you want of yourself?  Do you wish of such image of the people you work with?  Why not step up to your own confidence and let the world notice you?

Being noticed and looking good are not the privileges of only the rich and famous, neither are those meant for people who are ‘up there’.  Appearing confident and showing to the world your best are YOUR very own rights and privileges.  Set these qualities as your priorities.  Sheila puts it to the audience confidently, “You deserve to show your best to the world, because the world deserves You!”

What image you want for YOU tomorrow?

During the 2-day workshop, the most intriguing message that everyone, including the men, got it into their learning system was this: “To choose the right cut and style, you must know your body shape”.   This message was brought to life in the opening act.  Visibly, we have selected from our very versatile SWET’s students, 5 different body shapes for ladies and 2 body shapes for men.  They paraded first in tights, to show off their silhouette.  Then, the men and ladies came out again in their best chosen apparel for the lifestyle that befitted them.


The audience were so impressed with the “body shape” message that they were all seated upright when Sheila made the announcement.  To get a free body shape analysis, they have to purchase Sheila’s second book, “Yes, You Can Look Slimmer – Size Doesn’t Matter, Shape Does” to keep as reference.  With this book, everyone can proceed to be analyzed individually by SWET’s Image Professionals.

The moment the sale of the book was announced and the call for break, the audience went berserk.  The book counter was stormed by exciting audience wanting to be the first to know about their body shapes. The sales was well under control and the process went smoothly.  The body shape analysis, however, had to be carried out throughout the day because a 20-minute break just could not finish a waiting line of 300 eagerly awaiting participants.

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It was a good demographic mix of men and women.  Women still top in percentage, however, amounting to 80% of the total audience.  Nevertheless, lots of attention was on the men too.  The sessions where men enjoyed tremendously, apart from the Cut & Style session on the first day, were the Business Communication and Business Etiquette part.  Everyone learned about handshakes and the passing out of name cards, just to mention two good business decorums when performed tastefully and respectfully.


Some men loved the Cut & Style and the Psychology of Colors too, especially about the style of walking and a person’s deportment.  These are the subjects of how do you stand, where do you place your hands, and how do you sit?

It was definitely the laughter and the funny antics that had everyone in stitches.  Throughout the 2-day session, no one left without having laughed out loud.  One gentlemen, an Aviation Trainer, told me how he felt about the workshop: “I usually will look at my watch and hoping that the seminars I attend will end soon.  But these two days were so entertaining, I was glued to everything that happened on stage, for the first time, I lost track of time.”

You wouldn’t want to miss the next happening of Up Your Image Quotient.

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(Article and photos by Tham Chee Wah, SWET Head of Strategy & Business Development)