The Road to Image Consultancy!

EEC 24.08.2011

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The Executive Express Course (EEC-9) was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had.  I believe my course mates as well as the past EEC-graduates would agree with me too. I was at the edge of my seat every moment, absorbing all the information and experiences Sheila Wong, our master trainer, Cherrise Tan, SWET Image Professional and Enrique Tsou, SWET’s principal were sharing with us.


I attended the EEC as a fresh graduate from high school; I knew very little about image consultancy. At the beginning, I felt I was way behind my course mates as they were all more mature,  their beauty and business experiences were wide and varied.

However, that was only at the beginning. As the days passed, I get to know my course mates better; together, we solved etiquette problems, discussed about our D.I.S.C personality test, questioned one another about body shapes, and laughed together about the psychological effects of colours. We had lots of enjoyable and exciting moments together while learning about grooming and etiquette. We also had a great time experimenting the makeovers and make up, under the watchful eyes of Cherrise Tan.



I truly appreciate Sheila, Enrique and Cherrise for taking their time to educate us in a fun and inspiring manner, answering each and every one of our question in detail and always encouraging us. From this EEC, I’ve learned and benefitted tremendously. On the first day of EEC, I told the class that I want to change into a better person, both inside and out.

Thanks to our beloved teachers, Sheila, Enrique and Cherrise, I’m beginning to see these changes.

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Written by: Estelle Shee

Edited by: Tham Chee Wah