Personality Styles 101 [FREE TALK]


Personality Styles 101 -


Are you undervalued?  Are you misunderstood?

Your answer is in front of you, right there, in the mirror.

People generally click better with those they feel are similar to them.  In this current age and time when we are interacting with people all the time, physically or digitally, it is inevitable that people form judgements about us even before speaking to us.

Look at how you’re dressed right now.  What kind of personality do you feel you are? Look at the people around you right now.  What kind of personality do you feel they are?

Achieving your goals would be so much easier if you could identify personalities better.

Find instant tips on identifying personalities and bring yourself closer to your goals. Sign up today for PERSONALITY STYLES 101, on the 27th July 2019, a FREE talk by The People’s Image Consultant, Sheila Wong.

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