PBS Alumni – 26 March, 2011

PBS 27.03.2011


PBS graduates and SWET Image Professionals sharing Image tips and having fun.


Our first Personalized Branding Series (PBS) graduates meet – PBS Alumni.  It was 26 March, 2011 Saturday at our Image Studio, 904.

The purpose for this quarterly gathering is to provide an avenue for each graduate to share their process and progress in their personal image transformation.

The gathering was from 2.00pm – 4.00pm, the two hours were spent effectively to share their recent purchases and experience.  All the happenings in their work and in their social interaction had open doors for each one to apply all that they know from PBS.

Was the knowledge about social etiquette applicable?  Was it effective?  Is the change in your image noticeable?  Had your close friends and family members acknowledged your change?  Were the match of clothes and accessories easily applicable?  Is choosing a tie or a suit for men, becomes an enjoyable outing?  Has man enjoyed shopping now?

There were lots of laughter and fun during this session and everyone wanted more.  No one wanted to leave at 4.00pm.  Cherrise, SWET Image Professional, who was leading this session had to extend another 30 minutes to go through some clothing selection.  We all had a great time!

The graduates said:

Shu Man:  “Tunic is especially good.  I have bought most of the colors now.  I have learned to buy wisely, I actually spend less.  Now, when I shop, I only buy myself the right stuff.  I would like to learn more about hair-do and make-up.  These are the extra lessons I need.

Mr Too: “Yes, I agree.  I am happy that my wife, Shu Man, actually bought less now.  For me, I have to look for tailor-made suits. I would like to invest in a really good suit.  Dark grey coat.  And I am getting more crisp white color shirts now.”

Wai Fung:  “I selected a few shirts.  When I bought them, they looked good.   But when I put them on at home, they don’t seem to fit my image.  So, I brought all the pieces here for some good advice.  I like to know more about cut & style, accessorizing, hair-do and make-up.”

Joslyn: “I stop buying stuff until I am more comfortable.  I am learning more.  I only bought myself tunic.”

As we ended the session at 4.30pm, immediately someone asked: “When will be our next meet?”

Since this session is requested by PBS graduates, we would love to hear from you.  As we receive your enthusiastic respond, we will set the date for you and we will conduct our PBS Alumni as a group.  We look forward to meeting everyone as often as we can to create a support system.

We are sure everyone is looking gorgeous and living your life with confidence.

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