TestimonialsUYIQ 13.05.2010

Sheila with SWET image Professionals (from left: Jacqueline, Jade, Kay, Molly)

Sheila with SWET Image Professionals (from left: Jacqueline, Jade, Kay & Molly)UP YOUR IMAGE QUOTIENT (UYIQ2)“What is Image?””What is Image to you?”

That was the pivotal question to ponder at the opening of UYIQ2. 250 enthusiastic audience from University students to working adults sat upright with their eyes glued to the screen. The slides belting out Akon’s Beautiful while the words that best described what Image is, unfolded.

Status. Achievement. Confidence. Attraction. Connecting. Empowerment. And finally, all summed up to one word – Enrichment! Enriching oneself, hence enriching others.

The best way to enrich oneself is to know all about yourself, and that include knowing your body shape. Many people still equate beauty to a slimmer body. But Sheila puts it aptly in the title of her 2nd book as she reminded the audience once again that “size doesn’t matter, shape does.”

For visual impact, Sheila gathered 7 models, 5 women and 2 men, to showcase body sizes and their shapes. The models paraded first in their tight-fitting black cycling jerseys and shorts. With this fittings, they accentuated their body shapes, showing the audience 5 different body shapes for women and 2 for men. The body shapes were cone, ruler, figure-8, spoon, hour-glass and for the men, cone and ruler.

To see the effect with the good selection of clothes, the models immediately took turn to come up on stage again. This time adorning smart casual and formal wear fitting each body shape and their professional career. Sheila took the whole morning session to explain the specific cut and style for each one of them. Each time, emphasizing that the style must match your inner strength.

The audience was mesmerized with the effect of clothing selection. Sheila reiterated that we all have only one body shape, to some it just got a little bigger in size. But it doesn’t matter because we can create our right image.

Everyone looked as if they would jump up from their seats. Everyone wants to know about their own body shapes. So, when Sheila announced that SWET Image Professionals will be standing by at the counters to do body shape diagnosis with her book, everyone went crazy. Immediately when break was announced, the audience formed a beeline to buy the book and get to know their body shapes. It was so well received that the diagnosis had to be carried on until the 2nd day.

The audience was euphoric! Everyone sharing their new found knowledge about themselves. Someone even took off her shawl and never want to put it on again the moment she found out that she has a body shape that is alluring. She wasn’t conscious anymore about being short and big. She just figured that she will strut her stuff, no more hiding under layers of clothes, but shine with the right cut and style.

The next day we brought in the Magic Makeover winners. The message was clear that Image is about life enrichment. The 4 contest winners were treated to a princely affair at Parkson Pavilion. Each won a RM350 shopping spree accompanied by a SWET Image Professional to do the selection for them. They were all chaperoned throughout the entire shopping experience in Parkson Pavilion. Even Parkson’s Floor Executives were at the Personal Shopper Corner to personally take care of their selections.

Everything that they have selected was brought to the Personal Shopper Corner. The winners were pampered with private dressing rooms with 3-sided mirrors and a rostrum to stand on for fittings. They were treated like princes and princesses where they only lifted their fingers to put on their selected apparels. All these were captured on video. When it was playback to the audience, many would have wished that they too had taken part in the contest.

The winners were able to select their clothing with the budget of RM350 and look every inch a successful professional in their chosen field.

A group of women stood together after a rapturous closing of the 2-day workshop, and told us to put them in out mailing list. They were so happy with the learning experience that they want to be in the know of what’s coming up next at SWET.

Two graduating engineers came to the counter after everyone has left. They enquired about SWET’s Personal Branding Series and told us, “I want to brand myself to have an edge when I am in the workforce.”