From OW to WOW at Zest Cafe with Jacqueline

BooksCut and StyleImage 10.03.2012

Jacqueline Ng, SWET Image Professional, proved that going for breakfast is the time for the morning-after makeover.  It was 10 March, 2012.  A sunny, crispy Saturday morning, in the quieter neighbourhood of Bangsar – on the other side.

Just under 10 minutes, Jacqueline showed everyone the image transformation with the twirl of a scarf and a drape-over with a piece of cloth.  The breath-taking makeover gave the diners the WOW effect.  Turning them from a mundane “OW, what are you wearing?” to an exciting and inquisitive “WOW, What Are YOU WEARING?”

At this Weekend Breakfast 1-hour talk, Jacqueline explained these interesting image subjects:

  • Your body shape does not change, your size does!
  • Make your cut by wearing your own cut and style.
  • Wear according to your lifestyle and profession.
  • 10-minute Magic Makeover, transform Plain Jane to Fame Jane right in front of your eyes!
  • Learn how to accessorize your wardrobe.
  • Bring your professional style to your workplace.

This event was organized by Zest Cafe in Bangsar South, The Sphere.  Breakfast was served at 10am.  The 1-hour talk started at 11am and ended with a loud applause from the diners at 12noon.



From Plain Jane …                                                                 … to Pearl Jane


Notice the shoes that make the style                                      Turn a dress into office attire with a comfortable tunic.


Diners settling down for Jacqueline to begin.                         A light color fabric is a better choice.


Almond Raisin Rice with sauteed shrimp.                              Pancake with honey and buter.


Panini bread slices with butter and jam.                                  Fruit salad.