A new Liza


“Evelyn, can you interview Liza about her PBS experience?”

“Sure.”  I said.  After all I have known Liza Alip since 2006 and our friendship has developed from being mere acquaintance to close friends.

Liza is a dedicated, efficient and committed tour consultant. She is a recognised leader within the tourism industry, not just in her home state of Johor but also throughout Malaysia.

Knowing that life has more to offer, she constantly seeks new avenues for personal growth.  Liza would never have guessed that one of her learning would have come from me.

Liza confessed, “I did not know what I was getting myself into.  I just knew I needed a change.  And when Evelyn persistently mentioned how she felt PBS could be the change I was seeking, I just trusted her”

Having witnessed my journey of growth and development in my dressing, image and branding, it was easy for Liza to make her own decision to take that leap to sign up for Personalized Branding Series (PBS).

Liza embraced PBS whole heartedly. As a result, she rediscovered her own inner beauty and new outer image.  I was present throughout the 3 months program and personally witnessed Liza’s tremendous transformation which has brought in new business opportunities.

“How had your transformation impacted your business?” I asked Liza at the interview.

She replied “I am getting calls from new clients. In fact, I just received a call to handle travel arrangements for 400 people!”

The rapid growth in her travel business is a testimony of her own personal evolution.  The synchronistic synergy of her newly discovered outer image and her strong personal inner strength marks the birth of a more confident, vibrant and effervescent Liza Alip.

26th July 2015 marks Liza’s graduation from PBS.  She looked glamorous in her peachy gown, sparkling accessories and a well-groomed hair. Her lovely sculpted face was beautifully made up.

It is said that the most important journey one takes in life will usually be the one of self-transformation.  For me and Liza, that is so true.  We are looking forward to inspire a group of women from Johor Bahru to take up this challenge to look good and be empowered.

My journey has begun and it is my joy to have the good company of Liza Alip along the way.

– Evelyn Nabila Yeo, SWET Image Professional




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