SWET offers public programs that help you develop your Outer Image or Inner Image, each with a specific objective aimed at taking your life to a new level.


Have you ever judged a person before really knowing the person?  That is the power of impressions.  Like it or not, while you judge others, others are judging you too.  The way you dress, the way you behave, all visually communicate a message about you to others, and unfortunately, you are unlikely to have the opportunity to explain yourself if others form the wrong impression of you.  Be a master in visual communication, and make your life a smoother journey.


Do you feel you can go further in Life?  Do you want a boost that will make your journey in Life smoother?  You are where you are because you’ve always behaved the way you behave.  Changing the way you behave will put you in a different place, but what is the change that you should effect?  SWET’s Inner Image Program is a step-by-step training that is a combination of theory and activities that simulate real life experiences to help you understand what you have been doing right and what you have been doing wrong, and guide you towards effecting the change that will give you a more fulfilling life.