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SWET's Express Executive Course is an intensive 8-day foundation course, designed with you, the aspiring Image Consultant in mind.  Armed with expertise in training, be prepared to embark on a short yet significant journey to further your professional career.  The course is developed and operated at a train-the-trainer level.  You will learn fashion terms, color theories, design features, style and etiquette, and simple methods to teach complex image concepts to people at all levels.  You will also learn about people's personality types and behaviors and communication skills.

While the EEC is developed with the purpose of enhancing your image consulting knowledge, the focus is also on your personal professional development.  You will be given the opportunity to do short presentations to cultivate confidence in your own judgment.  Practices and exercises will also be held to further help you develop this confidence.

Classes are kept small to ensure that each and every participant receives maximum attention.

After graduation, there's also the possibility of working with SWET Advancement Center as our associates.

* Your basic understanding of training techniques is essential to fully benefit from the EEC.

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My aspirations and dreams of bringing people and creativity together have come true.  With SWET EEC I am now a qualified Professional Image Consultant and enjoying every moment of my work, spreading and filling people's lives with beauty and confidence.  To top

it all up, it comes with an attractive financial package. SWET makes  it possible!"
                    - Cherrise Tan, SweT Image Professional

Grace makes beauty out of the ordinary... As a certified SWET Advancement Image Consultant, I have indeed found grace and my true passion of uncovering the beauty in others. In addition, the up-to-date and sound theories imparted have enriched my training credibility and

experience to include pleasant encounters with notable clients from diversed industries. My journey with SWET on personal growth is indeed, a fulfilling one!
             -  Angelene Chong, SweT Image Professional

As an air stewardess with a leading airline, I am exposed to a wide variety of cross cultural grooming styles depicting different personalities. That stirred up my interest in Image Consultancy. It was inevitable that I chose SWET

EEC as my preferred choice for a Professional Image Course, as the Master Trainer, Sheila Wong was an exemplary model of one who exude success and good grooming sense.With SWET SIS, I could understand better the psychological style and color of different personalities, and how to bring out the beauty from within.  I see a new path in front of me. I love to have the power to help others and myself.
                                      -Charlene Tok, Air Stewardess

Being an expert in color selection and matching for fabric dyeing, I did not understand the hidden psychological impact, until I joined SWET Advancement Center.  SWET has helped to make my career more exciting."

                              - Kay Ku, Manager from Malaysia's
                                           largest textile manufacturer 

Having been involved in the forefront of the beauty and cosmetic industry for the past 15 years, I have always harboured a real passion to be involved in the image training and consulting field. This has led me to complete a professional course as an image consultant with a local academy. However, there was something

still amiss and I did not know how to put the pieces together.  That was when I turned to SWET for help. After their Life Junction seminar, and a special course on Personality, Style & Colors, I got my first break with SWET's offer and guidance to be one of their trainers for a series of training for Carlsberg.  It was this break that launched my career in the image training field. I garnered a wealth of experience from my first attempt as an image trainer.
     Sandra Lim - Sales & Operations
                                  Manager of a large beauty chain

My position as a marketing manager of an established advertising company requires me to be in different locations, from meeting with our clients in a plush office and to be out in the field, supervising our projects.  I used to follow the latest fashion trend, without putting much thought to the suitability of the  occasion or  

my profession.  After attending SWET's EEC professional course for Image Consultants, I have developed sense and elegance in my grooming and business etiquette.  Now I am busier than before, as I am sought after as a Personal Image Consultant by friends and associates.  Thanks to SWET Image System (SIS).
                                   Jojoh Lee  Marketing Manager                          of an established advertising company



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