Shopping and Suiting for Men

Men's Business Grooming 07.01.2012

“I have never spent too much time thinking about what to wear, what type of clothing or what fits.  Clothing will be the least important item for me.  Usually, either my wife bought all my clothes or I will just buy the same colors, the same size from the same brand.  Once I am comfortable with the brand, I will take all its designs, all same size, and not bothered about fittings, style or personal best colors.”  This is generally what men will say when they first attend SWET’s Personalized Branding Series (PBS).

After attending the first lesson, however, the men changed their mind.  All of them begin to look at colors for empowerment, fitting right for their personality and lifestyle.  They begin to look at the right size for their body shape and the right cut to build up their body carriage.  They want to look dashing, more professional, more lifestyle, trendy and contemporary.

From all our PBS experience, the men seemed to be the ones who shopped the most.  At least, one of the reason for the change in purchasing behavior is the sense of achievement.  Technically, they began to see the “structure” and the “format” that could be applied to grooming.  They were able to apply the knowledge immediately and experience the result.

Although it is a “result-oriented” experience for the men, it has raised a spell-binding long lasting effect on their grooming sense.

To attend the 6-day Personalized Branding Series (PBS), we advise you to first attend our public workshop, the 2-day exciting UP YOUR IMAGE QUOTIENT (UYIQ), click hereto register.



Men at selected clothing counters to try out fittings and colors.  Checking various fabric for suiting.


Men suiting at Louis Renard, exclusively available in Isetan The Gardens.  Select fabric made of Wool & Polyester, 100% Wool, Wool & Silk etc.


Men are having a great time learning about the make of tailored pants and suit.  They were shown the make of pants that would cost more than a mass-produced item.  Notice the pockets, the sewing, the hem, the thighline and waistline.


Sheila going through some practical ways to select good clothing for men with men.