Sharon Tan – PhD Student with Winning Image

PBSTestimonialsUYIQ 11.09.2013


Sharon, a PhD student at Monash University, used her Personal Branding Statement, which she learnt at PBS (6-day Personalized Branding Series) to successfully capture the attention of the delegates at a symposium in USA. She shares her jubilation and her significant change in her outlook and professional image.

Estelle Shee, SWET Image Professional, spoke to Sharon Tan about her transformation, her work and her success with a new personal image branding.

Sharon Tan, Biotechnologist, wrote about her experience with a new winning image:

My mother, Candice, is a glamorous and a vigorous person who is highly enthusiastic and energetic.  Being the daughter, it is unavoidable for people to compare me with her.  The results of the comparisons are often dejecting and demotivating.  I feel so shameful and stressful because I lost myself and my presence.  I did not know who I was.
With the encouragement from my mother, I attended Up Your IQ™7 in October 2012.  Through this two-day workshop, I realized that the only way to stop people from giving negative comments about me is to have a 100% transformation – change myself.  And so, without hesitation, I made an immediate decision to attend PBS (Personalized Branding Series), a 6-day personal image coaching workshop.  As a full-time student, I made a commitment to bear the cost myself even though the monthly coaching fee will drain my pocket money.  I strongly believe that I will gain many times higher in returns with my investment.
During my self-introduction in PBS, I told the class that I would like to be known and remembered as ‘Sharon Tan’ instead of ‘Candice’s daughter’.  I want everyone to remember me as a person, the whole Me.  This was my initial intention being in PBS.
On the first day of PBS, I learned about the right color and outfit that suit my body shape.  Also, I picked up the knowledge about the right cut and style for my age and profession.  When I applied this knowledge of dressing on myself the next day, I started to attract attention, admirations and compliments.  Indirectly and directly, these acknowledgement boosted my confidence.
In the second session when I learned to craft and practice my personal branding statement, more stunning effects happened to me.  I started earning respect from my supervisors, now they listen to my opinions about my research.  I even gained attentions from international researchers, both from the academic and corporate sectors.  During my poster presentation in the 35th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals (29th April- 2nd May, 2013) in Portland, Oregon, USA, I received very encouraging response.  By using my personal branding statement in my self-introduction, I immediately caught the delegates’ attention and managed to get contacts and business opportunities from international corporate industries.  At this conference, there were more than 200 poster presenters competing to be noticed and I was surprised to have garnered great interests and feedback.
Through PBS, not only I’m remembered as ‘Sharon Tan’, now everyone knows that I am also a passionate biotechnologist who is turning wastes into a sweetener.  Without having a lasting personal image and branding statement, I would not have easily gained respect in the workplace or society even though I am highly qualified in my filed of expertise – biotechnology.  I am very happy with my transformation.  I am grateful to have SWET master trainer – Sheila Wong, my personal consultant – Gigue Lim and an assistant personal consultant – Estelle Shee, together with other SWETies for guiding and transforming me into a ‘branded’ totally new Sharon Tan.”
Estelle Shee wrote about her coaching and interviewing experience:
A few months ago, I had the opportunity to interview one of our PBS (Personalised Branding Series) graduates, Sharon Tan.  I met Sharon at UP YOUR IQ™7 and I was extremely delighted that she decided to join PBS.
Back then, I was assisting my colleague, Gigue Lim, another SWET Image Professional, who was the head coach for Sharon’s group.   At the beginning, based on the way Sharon dressed, I thought  she was a teenager in highschool.  From her spectacles to her dresses and her shoes, they all portrayed her as a little girl.  I was so wrong because I found out later that she is a highly intelligent, PhD student at Monash University.
Both Sharon and I knew that we had to do something about Sharon’s image.  Month by month, through the coaching at PBS,  I started to see changes in the way Sharon dressed; I could see that her confidence level was boosted .  I felt the aura around her was different compared to the time when I first met her.
I didn’t see Sharon for more than five months when I was back in Melbourne for my studies.  When I met her at Monash University, I saw a brand new Sharon.  I was extremely happy and pleased to see her again, and I was very surprised by her 180 degrees transformation.  From her ‘kiddie’ appearance, now her outlook was completely transformed to a stylish and professional looking PhD student.
Hearing Sharon sharing about her transformation, her work and her success with a new personal image brand, I couldn’t help but feel so happy and proud of her.  I am really glad that I was able to assist in her transformation and her success.
Knowing that she had successfully captured the delegates at a recent symposium in USA by using her personalised branding statement, I feel extremely happy and proud of her.   When the interview ended, I was completely overwhelmed with the feeling of joy and contentment.
The experience was definitely delightful, especially with all the positive and successful outcome.  My emotions burst with joy and satisfaction knowing that I was able to guide and assist Sharon in bringing out her beauty and confidence.