Popular Book Fest 4-09-11 KLCC

Books 08.09.2011

Sheila’s book talk at Popular book fest

The huge turn-out at the Popular Book Fest in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre was amazing.  The Book Fest was an annual affair organized by Popular Bookstore.  There were many couples, families and groups of friends exploring and browsing through the different types of books put on display.

Donning the latest hot summer trend – a nautical bold-striped jacket, Sheila stood shining amongst the crowd. Even though people were just browsing, Sheila managed to grab their attention from the moment she stood on the stage because of the striking nautical jacket she wore.

This time around, Sheila transformed an ordinary lady to look like a great superstar. She put a pink drape over her attire, which made her look so sweet and young.  On top of that, Sheila put pearls around her neck, which immediately made her look elegant and sophisticated.

To show to the audience that you can also put on something softer to go on a date after work, on the lady’s same outfit, Sheila removed the pearl necklace and tied a purple scarf above her shoulder.  This small addition took 5 years off her age and she looked very approachable.  From top to toe, Sheila changed her to look more beautiful, stunning and slimmer, according to her body shape.  All this transformation within 10 minutes.

Sheila had only forty-five minutes to talk about her book and it was definitely not enough for the audience.  From far, I could see that the audience was hungry and eager to know more about how to look slimmer.  That’s the power Sheila Wong has.