PBS9 – Graduation Night

PBSPersonal Branding 22.01.2013
After every Personalized Branding Series (PBS) 6-day image coaching sessions, graduates will attend a formal dinner function.  This is to put into practice the Dining Etiquette they had just learned.  The 6-day image coaching sessions will end with a truly formal night out fit for dignitaries.  Over the years, we had our graduation dinner at Favola Italian Restaurant, Le Meridien and Tamarind Hill, a resort-style Thai-Burmese culinary affair.
For PBS9, we decided to have a Black Tie evening dinner.  Look at our photo gallery to check out what a Black Tie dinner function is like.
Personalized Branding Series is a personal image and branding coaching sessions for individuals who have decided to raise their careers and businesses to the level of global acceptance and recognition.
For graduates’ video testimonials, please check out these links:
“I lost 7kg after PBS,” exclaimed Ms Grace Chan, Head of HR.  Watch video.
“I’ll never go back to my old-self,” quipped Ms Jenny Seng, Company Director.  Watch video.
“I can even read my staff’s body language now,” states Siew Yong, Company Secretary.  Watch video.
For the 6-day program schedule and sessions, please email admin@swet.com.my for further information.
                                         A Glittering and Glamorous Night at Favola Italian Restaurant, Le Meridien.
 Men In Black                                                                                 Women In Their Best
Dress Code: Black Tie                                                              Bread and Spiced Bread Stick with Exquisite Sauces
Main Course 1: Grilled Grass Fed Sirloin                               Main Course II: Roasted Salmon Trout
Zuppa: Potato and Mussel Soup                                            Plated Antipasta: Pear & Rocket Salad, Capresse, Clam
Group Photo: SWET Team with PBS9 Graduates