PBS Alumni #4 – Mix & Match

PBSPersonal Branding 11.03.2012

Personalized Branding Series (PBS) is a 6-day personal image coaching workshop.  One of the days is shopping at Isetan where participants are formed into groups to practice what they have learned.  The participants must practice to select their own cut and style, their personal empowering colors, their choice of fabric and the make of the clothes.  Each group will have an Image Professional to stand-by as their guide to facilitate their shopping experience.

Even though the participants have graduated and each is now armed with the knowledge about their clothing and color language, we also want to constantly meet to update each other on the cut and style, business etiquette, mix and match of the selected clothing.  For women, it may be a blouse they have bought, should it be matched with stripe pants or colored skirt.  For men, the latest suiting language, should it be a tie or a bow-tie?  What are sandals and slippers?

In this 4th PBS Alumni gathering, Jacqueline, SWET Image Professional, took the lead.  She decided to do a topic on “Mix & Match”.  The emphasis was on men’s casual wear.  However, women brought the most clothes to share.

The gathering was held in our studio, 904, on 11 March, 2012.  It was Saturday.  The session started at 11am.  The conversation was so humorous yet very informative.  Some graduates brought a friend, who were also amazed at the ways clothing is matched and mixed.  The session ended at 1pm.  Everyone is looking forward to the next Alumni meet.

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Grace’s new dress, is this the way to match?                       This can be mixed and matched this way.


Jeans are men’s best “wear-and-go” apparel.                      Does VJ look more stylish matching this way?


Woan Woan new dress, match with pants?                         or linen pants for VJ and sandals?


Soft fabric to go with soft fabric, it is the feel, the flow!       Mix and Match clothing brought in by graduates.


PBS graduates and their friends.                                       Sharing session after Jacqueline’s demo with mix & match.


Selecting items to match for clothes …                                as well as shoes and sandals for men.

PBS graduates, Sharon and Yoke Pheng, sharing their mix and match success!