Magic Makeover Winners April 2012

UYIQVideo 17.04.2012

Four winners were selected from the entries we received for Magic Makeover Contest UYIQ-6.  The prize of RM390 shopping experience was meant for 2 men and 2 women.  This time round, we received only one entry from the men.  So, Mr Marc Chan took home 2 shirts, a pair of pants and a tie with the RM390 shopping voucher.  We shopped at Isetan with the privileges and exclusivity with VIP treatment.  Even our shopping baskets were named after each Winner.  The fun of shopping with SWET Image Professional is far valuable than the shopping vouchers the winners received.  They have their body shapes analyzed.  They have their hair groomed and skin aglowed with superior make-up techniques from SWET Image Professionals.

The Winners:

Mr Marc Chan from Penang

Miss Genny Ong from Melaka

Miss Lee Yin Ying from Kuala Lumpur

Miss Lai Yoke Ling from Melaka

SWET Image Professionals who provided their expertise:

Cherrise Tan for Lai and Genny

Jacqueline Ng for Marc

Gigue Lim for Yin Ying


Watch Magic Makeover Winners – shopping experience and testimonials.