Keep Your Undergarment Under

Image 15.07.2013
Once I attended a wedding dinner and I spotted a woman in red micro mini dress. She was slim and tall, her silhouette from top to toe was so enticing.  I was envious of her killer curves. However, something caught my eyes, I noticed, to my horror, a VPL (Visible Panty Line).
When someone sits or bends over, have you noticed his/her underwear showing?  It is not only unsightly; it is disrespectful at many occasions.  In 2010, the State Senator Eric Adams sponsored several billboards in Brooklyn with a bold message clearly stating that raised trousers mean raised respect.  In the same year, 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Japanese snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo was barred from participating in the opening ceremonies due to dressing sloppily.  His shirt was untucked, his pants hung below his hips and his tie was loosened revealing an unbuttoned shirt.

Think about it, how would you create an image to get what you want in life?  How about creating a successful business? For a business to prosper, good grooming practice is essential.

Let’s take a look at another dressing disaster, more noticeable in women’s grooming, the VBL (Visible Bra Line).  VBL is so incredibly tacky.  Bra straps peeking out from tank top or a dress, is it on purpose or is it ignorant?  It is quite common that women commit the mistake of wearing the wrong color underwear.  For instance, wearing a white bra under a white shirt.  As a rule of thumb, never wear white under white because it contrast with your skin tone making your white undergarment more visible.
There are several ways to avoid VPL and VBL:
* You can wear thong, seamless underwear, boy-shorts or low rise undies.
* You can wear body shaper, effective for slimming and a curvy  appearance too.
* Please avoid bright color bras, nude or tan colors for sheer/thin outfits.
* Please also avoid loose or tight underwear, choose fitting ones.
It is unflattering and embarrassing with VPL or VBL.  Bras and panties are undergarment, so do keep your undergarment under.

TEXT: Jacqueline Ng, SWET Image Professional