I lost 7kg after PBS

PBSPersonal BrandingTestimonialsVideo 14.10.2011

“It was an extraordinary discovery.

After I learned that colors bring up my personality, I was bold enough to try on various colors.  Pink was never my favorite.  But going through the psychology of colors on Day 2 of the 6-day Personalized Branding Series with Shella, I was confident to put on pink.  The effects with colors were so astounding, I received encouragement from everyone to try out more colored outfits.  I was truly amazed with my own transformation, not only was my image took a big leap, the way I look at myself nowadays is filled with deep sense of gratitude.  That achiever feeling even gave me the extra push to go to the gym more often.

With added confidence, I worked on my weight.  The result was amazing.  I shed 7kg in six months, and stayed with it.

This is what I would like to share again, volunteering to videotape this interview with Sheila.”

~ Grace Chan, Head of Learning & Development