I look good after Up Your IQ™8 (A Participant’s Testimonial)

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I Look Good After Up Your IQ™

After I discovered that Up Your IQ™ was not a special training on improving my intelligence or memory, honestly, I was disinterested.
However, my two friends, past participants of Up Your IQ™, challenged me to a debate, which I welcomed, being the naturally argumentative type.  Skillfully and stubbornly arguing every point he raised.  Finally, I stuttered at Zainal’s argument: “Have you not been judgmental of others by first impression?  Were there occasions where people judged you when they saw you for the first time?”
I was willing to listen (I’m stubborn, not a cow.  I argue not to win, but to have informed decisions), so, Zainal continued, “It is not the true qualities of a person that we first see.  We are assaulted first by a person’s physical appearance, and that includes a person’s grooming, body language, posture etc., and from there, consciously or sub-consciously, we form quick judgments of others.”
Zainal is an indifferent person who’s afraid of taking responsibility for bad recommendations, and Kai is a stingy person (Sorry, Kai) who would walk across the street to a different mall’s washroom just to save RM0.10.
I decided to trust my friends.
It turned out that I had so much fun during the 2-day Up Your IQ™ workshop.  I am a practical person so I’ll only share what I’ve gained.
 Psychology of Colors

I learned that different colors evoke different emotions in people.  A person’s favorite colors tell me the kind of person he/she is.  As a person who’s always out there meeting high-level decision makers, I am seeing great improvement in my ability to understand my prospects and clients.  Now, I dress better and attained effective results in meetings.

 Clothing Language

The way we wear our clothes and the patterns we use indicate the kind of person we are too.  I know that different personalities accept or reject different methods of communication, even with my experience, it takes time to understand my prospect or client’s personality.  Clothing Language helped me tune my presentation method to match my audience’s, REALLY quickly.

 Looking Good

Before Up Your IQ™, black was my sacred color because urban legend says it makes me look slimmer, and media told me it’s K-Pop.  Contrary to that, wearing black makes me appear older and unfriendly.

Before Up Your IQ™, I wore loose clothes (my business shirts were 1 size bigger, my pants had double-pleats – my undergarments are none of your business) because they were comfortable.  What I didn’t know was that I looked like the uncle down the street selling pirated DVDs, with a bottom the size of a family-size pizza!
Before Up Your IQ™, I thought I looked good.  After Up Your IQ™, I look good!
Text: Kenneth Shee, Marketing and Communications Strategy Consultant