Express Executive Course – Batch #8

EEC 01.03.2011


A Successful EEC Batch #8

Every batch of EEC students sees an interesting mix of personality with one common goal – to be an Image Consultant.  Whatever the age, color or culture, beauty and image knows no boundary.

EXPRESS EXECUTIVE COURSE (EEC-8) was no different.  Our youngest student is a very pretty 21-year old from Singapore.  We seem to attract quite a few from down South (Johore Baru & Singapore).  We had a fashion designer from Singapore who came for this course a few years ago.  We also have two who are NLP practitioners!  This time around, four have beauty and/or make-up background.

Excellence is what they pursue in their image development education.  Putting their heart and soul, this group ploughed through the technicalities of this professional image consultant course.  From body type to body shapes, body proportion to scale-of-proportion, smoke was coming out of their pretty brains, as they tried to digest all of this in one day.

Excel!  Excel!  Excel!  This was what each student aimed for when they studied the terminology of colors, reading personalities with colors and going into the detailed study of an individual’s coloring.

Expanding on their own knowledge on grooming and make-up, they went on further to learn new techniques.  The fun began when they started to dabble with colors, clothing items, deportment and hair.

Personality profiling was another interesting subject to give them an added advantage when coming out as an Image Consultant.

To complete the full spectrum of image consulting, the students had to go through the business etiquette, social etiquette and dining etiquette class, to prepare them to be an all-rounder image consultant.  They had lots of fun with the simulation of real-life situations and that accelerated their learning.

As the day of the exam draw nearer, the anxiety started to build up.  None of the students went out for lunch, as every minute was very precious for them.  My!  My!  I have never seen such a serious bunch of students.  Yet it gladdened my heart to see all of them so intense and so serious about this business of transforming people’s lives with beauty and confidence.

For all the anxiety, they were well managed on the exam day.  They sailed through the 3 hours of theory and showed much promise with their presentation.  The guests were much entertained by their presentation and valuable tips.

Congratulations to EEC-8 batch, and all the best in your new endeavor as a Professional Image Consultant.

By: Sheila Wong – Master Trainer


Students trying out grooming methods with one another

This batch of EEC consisted of four make-up artists.

To respond to their needs, the make-up and makeover tutor, Jade Lim, focus on sharing with the class areas to look into while we conduct corporate make-up workshops. For example, frequently asked questions(FAQ) by the participants, how to address the needs of different levels of participants, suitable colors to apply for different skin tones and eyes, make-up techniques to apply to enhance the effectiveness of workshops. Jade and the students, also exchanged ideas on some of the ways to handle FAQs.

The students were required to put on make-up and do a make-over with existing resources on each other.  During the make-up session, Tifanny was given more technical guidance on the ‘fish tail’ technique as she needed that more intensively. Interestingly, the rest of the make-up experts, they too found this technique very alluring!

By the end of the session, the students were showing their makeover ‘product’ and learnt how to explain like a trainer. It was a new experience for the students, where they cracked their head, did their best to verbalize their ideas that connected to the Science and Art of Image. The Master Trainer Sheila Wong set a high standard, correcting their words and concepts with an objective in mind – to prepare them to be an Image Consultant of substance.

In EEC, every day was a fun, interactive and practical session!

BY: Jade Lim – SWET Image Professional


Students practicing colors on each other