Energy Shifting by Karen Brunger


Energy Shifting is based on the principles of resonance. According to science, everything – thoughts, words, actions, physicality – is energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. When our frequencies are less than optimal, or incoherent, we resonate with limitation – which could involve health, relationships, prosperity, or anything. Energy Shifting allows us to identify this negative resonance, and shift it to a more optimal level – similar to changing the waveband or frequency of a radio station. When we resonate with, or are tuned into frequencies of positive, life-enhancing beliefs and possibilities, our whole experience of life spirals up to a higher energy state, giving us a new perspectives, transformed experience, and opening us to unlimited possibilities.


2-day Energy Shifting workshop details:

 26 & 27 February, 2011 (Sat & Sun)
9.00am – 5.00pm
Empire Subang Hotel,Subang Jaya

2-Day Training
(max 30 pax only)

Early Bird
(payment by 31 January, 2011)
RM2,200 per pax

Regular Fee
RM2,600 per pax