Add Colors to Your Wardrobe with Batik

ImagePsychology of Colors 03.03.2012

It was a beautiful Saturday morning.  By 10am, The Art Cafe at the National Textile Museum Malaysia was abuzz with exciting small talks and well wishes.  About 40 VIPs and guests were seen enjoying the breakfast spread prepared by La Cucur, the ever popular local kuih delicatessen.

These were the highlights of the 1-hour talk by Cherrise:

The Versatility of Batik:
a) Adding a touch of batik is adding a touch of class;
b) Using batik to showcase our tradition and our culture.
In the richness of our culture, batik speaks louder than words.
Batik as a clothing language;
Using batik for all occasions;
See the transformation of batik into dress tops, head-bands, tie-scarves and more.
A 10-minute make-over using batik and hands-on experience.

The event was organized by TMS Art Marketing Sdn. Bhd.


Selection of Batik scarves                                                      … with display of jewelry.


Add a touch of color with a Batik scarf                                    Body analysis before trying out new outfit.


The Art Cafe has only standing room.                                   The Batik shop in the National Textile Museum.


Breakfast spread by La Cucur.                                                Grooming for man.


Adding colors with Batik.                                                         VIPs and guests enjoying the transformation by Cherrise.