A Pocket Full or A Pocket Fool?

Men's Business Grooming 17.06.2013

“He reached into the breast pocket of a well-pressed long sleeve shirt and pulled out a limited edition of a Mont Blanc …”

This description sounds like the kind of scene typical of a Mont Blanc commercial.  Immediately, I picture a man who is suave and has refined taste.  Now, let’s bring everyone back to reality, men in most working environment, if only they could have their breast pocket empty, or at most, just a good metallic pen, that would have made the cut too.
Men, as we all know, are generally “left-brainers”.  Men only look at the practicality of a breast pocket, and that is to keep items such as pens, business cards, note pads, spare cash, coins and other small objects.  Sometimes, these pockets are so stuffed and bulky that they make these men look as if they have a left breast!
For men’s grooming, there are many explicit rules to follow.  If a man wants to dress up to look empowered and impressive, he must observe specific image discipline and the breast pocket is a chapter by itself.
Breast pockets are ornamental and not intended to be used. In fact, they do not normally appear on formal dress shirts. Shirts with breast pockets are usually perceived as less formal and are intended to be worn as business casuals. Perhaps, they imply a more active personality of the person wearing it.
Visually, a droopy, stuffed breast pocket on a man’s chest makes him look sloppy and unprofessional.  Again, at most, if there must be an object, let that be just one good metallic pen and that does not necessary mean Mont Blanc, although it portrays prestige.
To show you the difference of how “pocket-foolish” a stuffed breast pocket looks compared to an empty pocket, I have attached some pictures to enable you to visually comprehend the difference. The other example gives the visual impact of different degrees of empowerment based on just the type of pen placed in the breast pocket.
Looking sloppy and unprefessional – pocket stuffed with notepad, papers etc and too many writing instruments.
Empty pocket – clean and tidy.                                                       … or just one metallic pen.
As simple as it may sound but men’s grooming involves series of rules.  This article covers only the tip of the iceberg in men’s grooming rules. You may find a lot of information pertaining to men’s grooming on books and the internet.  However, to master and truly understand these knowledge, I would like to invite you to learn them audibly and visually by attending workshops on image and branding such as the UP YOUR IQ™ workshop which happens twice yearly.  Don’t learn the hard way by wrecking your image and making a fool of yourself.  Learn the smart way.  These knowledge you acquire from the workshop will surely take you a long way!