5 Rules of Office Etiquette


Having good etiquette at work simply means to be considerate and respectful of everyone around you.

Here are 5 RULES OF OFFICE ETIQUETTE you must practice right away!









1. Respect your colleague’s time.

Your colleague isn’t always available to have a conversation. They could be rushing a deadline, be in the middle of concentrating, or going through some private issues of their own. Respect their privacy and be considerate. If you need to speak with them, kindly ask if they have a moment to speak.










2. Keep noise and distractions to a minimum.

Noisy conversations between colleagues or on the phone, tapping on the desk, fidgeting with your pen, constantly getting up and down can be annoying and be distracting to your colleagues who are trying to concentrate. If you want to listen to music, podcasts or videos, use headphones or ear buds. Also, keep your singing/humming to volume 0.










3. Be tidy.

Messy desks are a distraction and will ruin the professional image your organization is trying to establish. Keep your belongings in your own personal space and tidy up your work area at the end of each working day. Having a tidy desk can help you to have clearer thoughts. You are spending 1/3 of your day at work, so you might as well make that place a comfortable and pleasant working space for you and others.




















4. Be aware of smells.

Eat at a proper place your office has provided you, such as the kitchen, pantry or canteen, and not at your desk. Your colleague does not want to see you chomping away nor does he/she want to smell your lunch. Smell doesn’t necessarily come from food alone. No one will ever tell you if you have body odor or bad breath (but if someone does, thank them for their honesty!) Daily application of deodorant and using mouth wash after food should do the trick.










5. Dress for success.

Conflicts emerge when employees prefer to dress comfortably or in the latest fashion, rather than realize the importance of presenting themselves in a more professional and conservative manner. Dressing in proper business attire is extremely important for every business professional because you represent the company and it is a powerful tool to get you more opportunities. Clothes, accessories and even your footwear can help to reinforce or destroy your skills and qualities in the eyes of your employer, co-workers and clients. Start today – dress for your success!


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