Module 3A – Power of the Universe


Even the best captain needs a compass and a map. Do you know where you really want to go? Do you know what you need to get there?

You ought to. A dream without a plan is just a wish.

Module 3a: Goal Achieving is all about realizing your wildest dreams, your innermost desires, your life’s goals, and teaches you a powerful technique to achieve them.

SWET’s Personality Profiling is no regular personality test.  Instead of just telling your team their personality type and leaving them to figure the rest of the puzzle out, SWET helps your team understand themselves better by showing them how their personality changes according to different situations, what challenges and strengths they have, what inspires and frightens them, and how best to communicate and influence people of different personality traits.  Want to make your team more effective communicators? SWET’s Personality Profiling is just what you’re looking for!

Join us in this 3-day boot camp and set your success in motion!


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